Buffalo Bills fans had hoped that a bad Jacksonville squad was the perfect team to play on a week with so many players missing from the lineup, but unfortunately that was not the case. Too many starters out of the lineup, especially at the quarterback position, make this a bad Bills team.

After seven weeks in the book the Bills are 3 and 4. To make matters worse, last season at this point the team was 4-3, winning two of those games with backup QB Kyle Orton.

I won’t run through the long list of injured starters, but it’s obvious Tyrod Taylor’s absence the last two weeks just killed an already hobbled offense.EJ Manuel has too many flaws to be a starter in the NFL, pure and simple. EJ is not good enough to win with an average team around him and right now the Bills are below average.

The Bills offensive line, missing two starters struggled as well. In particular Center Eric Woods was beaten up the middle on that key third down quarterback sneak attempt by Manuel.

It’s hard to say at this point that hiring Rex Ryan was a mistake. Too many key players are missing from week one to determine if Ryan is doing a good or bad job. What is becoming clear though is that Doug Whaley has made more than one questionable move as GM.

Obviously Whaley’s trade of QB Matt Cassel is at the top of the list. It was just a bizarre final two weeks for Cassel on the Bills roster. Cassel went from being the starter to being cut to being resigned as the back-up to being traded. Now not having Cassel available after Taylor went down seems like an obvious blunder.

I have to also point out it would have been good to have had Fred Jackson available when McCoy went down back in September as well.

So sitting at 3 and 4 makes hopes for a playoff run seem far fetched. Bills fans are forever optimistic and will hope for a long win streak with starters back in the lineup, but the reality is they will be lucky to finish with a .500 record.

A new owner, a new coach, a new offensive coordinator and a new quarterback, but after week seven things are actually worse then they were a year ago.

Should I mention that on this date in 2014 the Buffalo Sabres, now 2-6 on the 2015 season, had won just two games as well?



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