Watching the “Four Falls of Buffalo” last week brought back memories of a time when every Buffalo Bills game mattered. A time when fans expected a win most weeks and prayed for one the last week. Now we are content to say “well let’s see what next season brings?” yet again.

Western New York is starving for a professional sports team championship. For those who are old enough to remember we have been teased by the 1975 and 99′ Sabres and the Bills teams of the early 1990’s.

The local fan base has endured agonizing defeats like “wide right” and “no goal”. So this year I’m asking Santa to grant the collective wishes of the faithful and bring a Championship to Buffalo sooner rather than later.

There doesn’t appear to be a Super Bowl ring or Stanley Cup in our immediate future so I’m guessing Santa may be our best hope.

The Bills obviously don’t currently have the right mix of talent and coaching to win the big game. The window is quickly closing on maintaining the defensive talent assembled that gave fans hope for a return to the playoffs.

Next season could see both Mario and Kyle Williams gone with Aaron Williams’ future a question mark as well. It’s obvious that the Bills are also lacking depth and stout tacklers once you get past the front four.

Tyrod Taylor is a step up statistically from what the Bills have had recently at quarterback, but his lack of height hurts him in the pocket and he struggles to run a two-minute drill. The offensive line is also lacking, especially on the right side. The Bills would need to be much better defensively to win with the offensive output they currently have.

Rex Ryan is a funny guy, a great change of pace from Doug Marrone, but too often he seems surprised by events in a game instead of dictating them. Ryan needs better talent to win the big one with his “let the players play” philosophy.

The Buffalo Sabres are better on the ice, although they have the exact number of points they did last season on this date. Buffalo lacks the scoring touch to make a serious run at the playoffs this season, but hopes are high the team is headed in the right direction with Jack Eichel and Ryan O’Reilly. That does sound familiar, doesn’t it?

Yes, Buffalo sports fans have high hopes, if nothing else. Those hopes have been rewarded with a owner in Terry Pegula who has deep pockets and a willingness to spend it. We also know Terry and Kim are big fans of the teams they own and deserve success with the commitment they’ve shown.

So Santa Claus when you make your run on the night of the 24th please bring what so many have wanted for so long. A team and a championship we can call our own, even if it’s just once.




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