This just in; there will be no waterfront stadium for the Buffalo Bills for the foreseeable future. Yes, despite local media reports, on what must have been a slow news cycle day, do not get your hopes up for a new stadium that would cost almost two billion dollars. Why? The Bills do not want it and without the Bills there would be no stadium.

The Bills are on the fast track in getting a new lease agreement done with the County and New York State and do not want to entertain even the thought of discussing a new waterfront home for the team. Without the consent of the Bills and the NFL the project could never get off the ground, not to mention the total lack of funding.

Nicholas J. Stracick and George F. Hasiotis, development partners in Greater Buffalo Sports & Entertainment Complex, claim their project would cost an estimated $1.4 billion. Estimates are always low, so figure at least $1.6 billion for construction and without even getting into related expenses where in the hell would anyone in this area get that kind of money for the project? Nicholas Stracick claims he has already spent $250,000 on the project, which I believe in a complete falsehood. Developers always throw around lofty numbres for designs and conceptual drawings, but no way they spent that kind of money on a project they never even discussed with the Bills first.

What I believe is going on here is that the city politicians, who have zero say in the County and Bills Lease negotiations, want to get into the act, so to speak. They do not mind spinning their wheels on a “pie in the sky” project considering the amount of attention they received on Tuesday from the media. This project is fools gold and they know it, but it makes for good headlines.

On Wednesday WBBZ-TV had former Sabres owner Tom Golisano in the studio for a full hour interview on everything from the Electoral College to cahritable donations. Gollisano was asked whether he would be interested in buying the Bills and his answer was “Don’t be so sure they will up for sale.” What Golisano meant was that Ralph Wilson may have already secured the team’s future privately for when he passes away. No one building a new stadium could do it outside of that ring of people involved in the future of the franchise.

A story like a new waterfront football stadium may make sense on April 1st, but not today and you can bet on it.

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