DON’T GET ME STARTED noticed the moves of Buddy Nix and Chan Gailey in putting McGee and Pears on injured reserve and activating Easley from the practice squad.  OK, no problem there.  But what caught my eye was putting Chris Hogan on the Bills practice squad.

Before going to Hogan – I’m still wondering what Gailey had against Naaman Roosevelt, the local kid who caught most everything thrown his way and who managed to get open.  Easley had health and injury problems.  Roosevelt sits and waits for an offer.

Now back to Hogan.  As mentioned in previous columns, I wondered why Buddy Nix let QB Alex Tanney go after bringing the gifted quarterback to Buffalo for one day.  One might say that Nix might not have been impressed with the level of competition that Tanney played while at Monmouth College where he threw for 156 touchdowns in four years and over 14,000 yards with a completion percentage of 80%.  Not too shabby.

So with the latest moves by the Nix/Gailey combine, they sign Chris Hogan, a 23 year old receiver from – you got it – MONMOUTH COLLEGE.  He spent one year at that school playing football after four years at Penn State where he played lacrosse for four seasons – not football.

Alright, you might say Monmouth College is a small school.  But if Nix/Gailey were impressed with Hogan’s receiving skills – who was passing the ball to him in his only year at Monmouth?  Why it was Alex Tanney.

As everyone knows, when the Bills let Tanney loose – Kansas City immediately signed him to a contact.

The moves of Gailey/Nix & Company at One Bills Drive continue to baffle fans.  Receiver T.J. Grahame was drafted because he had blazing speed.  So what happens?  Gailey doesn’t call any deep balls to take advantage of that speed.  Instead, he lets Fitzpatrick throw those dinky 6-yard passes – sometimes completing them, sometimes having them picked off, and sometimes thrown short, wide, or long.

One thing one can say about the people at One Bills Drive……they have a knack for having fans scratch their noggin on Don’t Get Me Started.

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