DON’T GET ME STARTED Has me becoming owner of the Bills for one day saying I’ve had enough of the mediocrity shown so far this season.

It was an off week for the Bills who were granted a bye week.  A year ago, the Bills were 5-2 after seven games and Fitzpatrick inked a huge and monstrous contract.  Since then, he has been less than ordinary and is on the poor end of a 3-4 season and certainly shows he’s not a franchise QB.

So with no Bills game, and with due respect to Ralph Wilson, I put in my mind the ownership of the team for one day.  I recall that time a dozen years ago as I ponder what I would do if I really was the owner of the Buffalo Bills.  Face it, I have to buoy the spirits of the fans to keep them coming to the Ralph and, certainly, put some happy faces in those seats.  So how do you do it?

Follow my menu of people that I feel will bring fans into the park.  Now, mind you, I’m not predicting an undefeated season – I’m simply interested in putting buns in the seats and instill a sense of urgency to the players…..especially the high prices ones.  So here are my top 10 moves to bring some sense of urgency to the Bills; pick up more wins; and more importantly provide the fans with the pride of a great past.

  1. Bring      back Bill Polian as President of the Buffalo Bills, in charge of everything.
  2. Make      Jim Kelly the offensive coordinator
  3. Make      Frank Reich, the quarterback coach
  4. Make      Thurman Thomas, running backs coach
  5. Retain      Pete Metzelaars as tight end coach
  6. Make      Bruce Smith, defensive line coach
  7. Make      Will Wolford, offensive line coach
  8. Make      Darryl Talley, linebacker coach
  9. Make      Mark Kelso, secondary coach
  10. Steve      Tasker, the special teams coach

There’s the top ten.  Pete is the only coach I would keep.  Bruce DeHaven has done a decent job but ousting Brian Moorman did not sit well with too many people.

Polian, of course would do his magic and build the team.  Talley would punch the high-priced players who aren’t giving their all.

Ask yourself the question?   Could these former Bills do any worse than the current crop of coaches and front office?  If anything, fans would be cheering them as they came out of the tunnel and occupied the sidelines.

The history of the Super Bowls would be pounded into the heads of players as the hall-of-famers would get so much respect.  And that’s what has me waiting for the shoe to drop and send a message to the NFL that you don’t need discarded coaches to come to a team but, instead, bring back the glory of the past and marry them into the future with guys that know how to win on Don’t Get Me Started.

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