DON’T GET ME STARTED watched a pair of football games over the weekend.  One was very exciting and the other was a doldrums affair.

The first game was Saturday night.  USC, 16th rated in the country and known for its defense hosted Oregon University – one of the highest scoring teams in the nation.  So what happens?  Here’s the offensive hurt the Ducks put on USC’ Trojans:

  1. Scored 62 points.
  2. Had 730 total offensive yards
  3. Running back rushed for 330 yards, scoring 5 touchdowns
  4. Freshman quarterback passed for 4 touchdowns

More importantly, watching Oregon perform was as entertaining as it gets since they run the hurry-up offense, so well known by Buffalo Bills fans.

The second game I watched was Sunday afternoon when the Bills traveled to Houston.  Chan Gailey, who lives on a reputation of being an offensive guru, hasn’t lived up to that honor in almost 3 years as head coach of the Bills.  Imagination?  Forget it.

Gailey continues to embrace Ryan Fitzpatrick as his starting quarterback while GM Buddy Nix says Gailey isn’t going anywhere.  He has another year left on his contract.

Disappointed Bills fans have seen Gailey and his offense fail, ending with the Houston game where Fitzpatrick and company failed to get into the end zone, ruining a decent game played by the defense – a rarity.

Most everyone realizes that Fitzpatrick is not the answer.  Certainly opponents know this and will defend by forcing him to pass rather than hand off to Spiller and Jackson.  Sunday afternoon – each of the gifted running backs had 6 rushes while Gailey called 38 passing plays.  Fitzpatrick completes passes for about 6 yards = when he doesn’t turn it over.

Nix says bringing in a new coach would have to start over.  Doesn’t he realize that Bills fans are used to it?  Failure to get a good coach in the past dozen years lies squarely in the offices at One Bills Drive.  The problem now is who would want to come to Buffalo.

If he intends to draft the “quarterback of the future” as he indicated last week, consider this.  If the draft was to be held tomorrow, Buffalo would be picking no better than 20th.  Actually, only 4 teams have a poorer record than the Bills.

I wonder if Nix and Ralph Wilson and Russ Brandon would contact Chip Kelly at Oregon and try to entice him to come and take over the football team.  Make him an offer he can’t refuse.

I encourage football fans to check the TV listings and if they see that Oregon will be televised……watch it.  It’s as close as you will get to seeing the Buffalo Bills in their Super Bowl glory.  It’s time to bring some imagination, excitement, entertainment and a winning attitude to the Bills on Don’t Get Me Started.

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