All Pro Special teams ace Steve Tasker was the guest on Monday’s “Fred Jackson Show” on WBBZ-TV despite the lousy weather. Fred was happy to have Steve on his show and obviously had great respect for a player who has been called by many as the best special team man ever to play the game.

Jackson asked Tasker if he had any suggestions for him to bring back to the team to help spur them on to victory and Steve had some unique words of wisdom. Basically Steve Tasker told Jackson that it was critical that players believed that every play and every player was important in winning a game. Tasker’s point was that you never know when a key block, catch, run or tackle could swing a game and the momentum your way.

No one player demonstrated that better than Steve Tasker. Going back to his blocked punt against the Raiders in 1991 which resulted in a touchdown or any number of his bone rattling tackles on punt coverage that resulted in fumbles. Tasker had a unique way of firing up both his team and the fans at then Rich Stadium.

Perhaps it was his relatively small stature which made his performance seem so dynamic as he pummeled larger players. Or it may have been his ability to come up with a significant special teams play when the team needed it most. Whatever the case, Steve Tasker was a special player and his presence was often the difference between a win or a defeat on a team already knee deep in talent.




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