DON’T GET ME STARTED really doesn’t want to be so pessimistic about the Buffalo Bills and, especially, criticizing the moves of coach Chan Gailey and Buddy Nix but there is so much evidence of poor moves that cries out for that criticism.

Reading the column of Buck Gleason in the Tuesday News, it was pointed out that during the many drafts in the past three years; the Bills certainly blew a lot of choices.  They could have had Rob Gronkowski; Russell Wilson; Andy Dalton and several others.  They were on the board when Buffalo’s turn came up.

I don’t want to dwell so much on so many mixed opportunities that would help the Bills and look proudly toward the future.  What happened happened; what was is; the saying goes don’t cry over spilled milk.

There is one move the management duo made that certainly bears repeating.  They drafted wide receiver T.J. Graham with a pretty high pick.  After training camp they released wide receiver Naaman Roosevelt.

So what happened?  Graham has been dropping more balls than catch Mickey Owen did in that World Series game of (I believe) 1941 allowing the Yankees to win the Series.

Graham’s slippery fingers show that his reputation of failure in snaring receptions has followed him in Buffalo.  Meanwhile, as every Bills fan knows, local product Roosevelt – in his 2 years with Buffalo, caught most everything that hit his hands.

How in the world can Gailey justify keeping Graham and letting Roosevelt loose.  The latter’s talents didn’t go un-noticed.  He has been invited to New England to show his stuff.  Most everyone hopes that he can land a job with that organization.

What the moves say is that the Bills continue to let players go to teams where they became big stars on Don’t Get Me Started.

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