Buffalo Bills defensive end was a bit defensive Wednesday facing the media and saying that the wrist he injured in the preseason has yet to completly heal. “It’s just a little deal going on, but we’ve already mentioned that before. It’s just lingering a little longer than I expected and I just need to get back out there and just try to deal with it and play better with it. I’m a hands on player and it’s all about power in my game. It’s just been a little odd just having a little knick or whatever and not being able to use it to the full extent but you know, you gotta play. When you’re out there on Sunday, you gotta play regardless of what’s going on. If you’re out there on the field, you’ve got to make it happen. So, I think the biggest thing is just finding ways to heal and get out there and play at full speed. It’s definitely frustrating for it to happen when it did happen and not when anything counted, I think that was the biggest thing. Coming out of the fourth preseason game and that happening with the whole wrist and everything, but it’s fine, like I said, it just limits you and it is kind of frustrating. ”

Regarding criticism from media and fans, Williams says he doesn’t pay it any attention. “I could care less about criticism. I care about what we do and I’m always angry, but I don’t show a lot of emotions, it’s not just football. I’m just not an emotional person that you see on the outside, but I’m pretty much always angry. If you know, me you know that. I feel my pressure, man. I mean, I know what’s here and I know what I need to do. Like I said, I’ve just gotta bear down and fix things that are wrong with me health wise and just get after it and regardless put everything else to the side. I just gotta have more impact, more of a role into things and get back to playing like I used to play and just get back to being able to use my hands and stay healthy and just get better.”

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