Jim Kelly appeared on WBBZ-TV’s “Sports Rap-Up” on Tuesday night and when asked about his role in keeping the Bills in Buffalo when ownership changes hands Kelly did not mince words. “I know enough people who want to keep the Bills here, I know enough politicians who want to make sure they stay in Western New York. Roger Goddell is from Jamestown, I can’t see him even thinking about letting the Bills leave Western New York because I don’t think not only would he not be allowed back in Western New York, but he wouldn’t be allowed back in the State of New York.”

Kelly went on to say there were plenty of people who also want to keep the Bills in Buffalo and ended by saying.” I’ll put it this way, as long as I live in Western New York, which my home is here, my lodge is here, my son’s laid to rest here, my wife is from here, I love the community and as long as I’m here I’ll do whatever is in my power to make sure they stay.”

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