DON’T GET ME STARTED thinks it would only be fitting that Bill Belichick and Tom Brady deliver the eulogy after burying the Bills 52-28 Sunday afternoon.

I watched the expression on the face of defensive coordinator Dave Wannstedt in the press box when the network cameras would focus on him.  A smile at half-time, then horror and disbelief on his face in the second half.  It was not a pretty sight as he observed his defense crumble in the face of Tom Brady’s ruthless attack on the Bills in the 52-28 Bills loss.

Can anyone imagine that a Bills defense that previously in its history featured the likes of Bruce Smith, Fred Smerlas, Darryl Talley, Cornelius Bennet, etc. would give up 100 points in two losses to the division rival Patriots & Jets?  Yet, that’s what happened and it will be interesting to see if Wannstedt can come up with answers.

Certainly, trailing at half-time, Belichick and Brady had the answers.  Stuff the running game right down the throats of a hapless Bills defense.

Watching the Bills defense destroyed made one yearn for the return of Walt Corey (swizzle stick as well) to handle the Bills defense as he did in the late 80s and early 90s when Buffalo went to four straight supers.

Run and stop the run is no longer a catch phrase.  It’s something the Bills have to adopt since Sunday afternoon they didn’t run and certainly they didn’t stop the run.  My recollection of the Miami Dolphins Larry Csonka and Jim Kick – not to mention Mercury Morris – saw them have running backs for a hundred or more.

Maybe it’s time to move Wannstedt to the sidelines rather than the comfort of the press box.  Maybe he will be able to figure out what is wrong with his defense – one that he changed in the off-season from a 3-4 to a 4-3.  Against top competition, it isn’t working.  Hell, the Jets can no longer be considered top competition and they riddled the Bills “D” in the season opener.

Maybe he can cajole his leader? Chan Gailey to keep his defense off the field.  Gailey’s offense surrendered 6 turn-overs – 4 interceptions and two fumbles.  Belichick turned so many turnovers into points.

In one game, Fitzpatrick showed his inconsistency.  4 touchdown passes – negated by 4 interceptions.

Ralph Wilson emptied the vault to build the defense and so far he hasn’t been rewarded.  Oh, they managed to beat Kansas City and Cleveland – two of the NFL’s woeful teams at this point in the season.  But against New England, they gave up a whopping 580 yards.

Mario Williams?  A coveted free agent?  $100 million?  Spare me the thought.  Fred Smerlas, Bruce Smith and others would be worth over $200 million because they produced.  One sack in 4 games by Williams won’t get it done.

Other teams will look at the woeful run defense of the Bills and they’ll be licking their chops, feeling they will gain in the standings when facing Buffalo.  Imagine two Patriot running backs going over 100 yards on the day.

Brady was almost clean – he suffered only one sack but the big failure of the Bills was allowing Brady to complete passes on 3rd and long too many times.  No big pressure resulted in the Bills secondary being blistered time and time again – especially on those 3rd down plays.

Buffalo had the edge 21-7 early in the 3rd quarter but the other coach – Gailey – called some plays that may be baffling.  Inside the Pats 10, New England knew they were going to run the ball.  They not only stuffed it – they forced the fumble that turned the game completely around.

Fitzpatrick?  He threw more interceptions in this one game than he had thrown in the previous four.  He finally went over the 300 yard passing game – including 4 touchdown passes……but where New England converted critical 3rd down plays – Fitzpatrick didn’t.

So the players now head west to two big winning teams- San Francisco and Arizona.  While they are there, maybe they should take a look at the USC quarterback who will likely be the first pick in next year’s draft.

There’s not too much time to correct the many, many faults of the Bills and maybe Wannstedt should join Gailey on the sidelines to try to inject some fire in his defense on Don’t Get Me Started.

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