DON’T GET ME STARTED watched the gall of Gailey in his post-game press conference and the words he uttered seemed, to me, as a left-handed shot at the defense.

He kept repeating himself, “We didn’t make plays at the end; we didn’t make plays at the end.”  First of all, the defense made a lot of plays in 59 minutes of the game, holding the Rams to only one touchdown.  Then came the late 84-yard drive resulting in the winning touchdown for St. Louis in the 15-12 Bills loss.  Unfortunately the Bills secondary failed to hold on to 2 interceptions that would have ended things in favor of Buffalo.

How about saying, “We didn’t make calls; we didn’t make calls.”  If I was Rian Lindell, I would call for a trade after Gailey disdained what might have been a 51-yard field goal.  A week earlier Gailey was in the same position and told Lindell to try it.  Lindell not only tried it but had more than enough leg to put it through the uprights.

This time, Gailey sent the field goal unit out…..then called time-out and decided to punt the ball as the fans in the park – and those watching on TV – were screaming at him, booing him.  Now they will be questioning his judgment.  Fans will also go after Buddy Nix for his continued vote of confidence.  Face it, Chan Gailey is now a beleaguered coach.

So Gailey once again failed to make a good call.  That wasn’t his only boo boo.  Remember a week ago when the running game flourished for the Bills?  Fitzpatrick simply kept handing the ball to Spiller and Jackson.  Well Gailey reverted to his game-losing ways by taking the ball out of the hands of Spiller and Jackson and putting that ball into the hands of Ryan Fitzpatrick.

Fitzpatrick threw the ball 25 times.  Combined, Spiller and Jackson carried the ball a total of 16 times.  On this Sunday morning, I read the comments of some great running backs who were talking about Spiller.  Running backs like Floyd Little, Emmit Smith, Eric Dickerson, Paul Hornung.  Wanna know what the common comment was, “Give the ball to Spiller 20-25 times.”

Gailey gave Spiller 7 carries in the game.  That’s right – 7 carries.  Jackson carried 9 times.

“We didn’t make plays at the end.”  C’mon Gailey, which ones would you have made.  How about the plays you didn’t call that might have provided the Bills more cushion.  Once again, Fitzpatrick threw an interception but otherwise had pretty good numbers.  Yet, he couldn’t muster anything more than one touchdown and 2 field goals.  The one field goal that would have mattered was not called by Gailey, who is showing less and less faith in Lindell.

Don’t put the “We didn’t make the plays at the end” on the defense.”  Place it on the coach who should have said, “We didn’t make the right calls.”  Buddy Nix has a problem.  He can solve it quickly and get a confident coach on Don’t Get Me Started.

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