DON’T GET ME STARTED was surprised to read that new head coach of the Buffalo Bills decided not to bring back some of the coaches who were let go when Chan Gailey was dismissed.

I might not have a problem with any coach wanting to have all his own people in key positions but there were two coaches that deserved, at least, some consideration.

The main position coach I was sure would be brought back was Pete Metzelaars, the tight end coach.  Pete has always been a popular player and a contributor to the community.  But he also developed to be a fine tight ends coach with Indianapolis, helping Manning find his receivers.

But look at the fine job he did with Buffalo’s main tight end, Chandler.  As it turned out, Chandler became a go-to guy whenever Stevie Johnson didn’t get open.  Chandler owes his success to the fine coaching of Pete Metzelaars.

It doesn’t matter who Marrone brings in to mesh with his kid offensive coordinator, I doubt that he would have the experience, knowledge, dedication, and success that Pete had during his fine coaching career with the Colts and then with the Bills.  If anything, they should have interviewed Pete.

Certainly, if there was another positive in the horrendous record under Gailey, it would be the offensive line and Coach Joe D’Alessandris .  They played fairly well and if it wasn’t for injuries to key players probably would have played better.

So, it will be interesting to see who the guys will be to handle the offensive line and, equally important, the tight end positions on Don’t Get Me Started.

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