Few expected the Bills to win in San Francisco. Some, like myself, thought it would at least be a competitive. The reality is the Buffalo Bills 45-3 defeat was statistically worse than anyone could have predicted.

The loss against New England was terrible, but the Bills took consolation that they played well for 2 1/2 quarters. Against San Francisco they hung around for a quarter because of the many 49’ers penalties, but in the second half the Bills just plain got out classed.

Defensively this team is playing worse than even the injury depleted squad that was on the field at the end of last season. How that could occur after the free agent signings in the off season is incredible. New defensive coordinator Dave Wandstandt is now responsible for the worst individual defensive effort in one game as well as back to back games. Consecutive games of over 500 yards given up, unbelievable! In all 97 points, 1201 total yards and an incredible 558 rushing yards.

If owner Ralph Wilson was healthy, Wandstandt wouldn’t last the season. Chan Gailey and Wandstandt are good friends so he’ll last the season, I think.

Offensively the Bills were hurt by inaccurate throws by Ryan Fitzpatrick. The Bills will definitely draft a quarterback in 2013 because it is now obvious that Fitz just isn’t a quality starting quarterback for an entire season.

The Bills will now spend a week in Arizona and prepare for the Cardinals. If they find a way to turn it around and return home 3-3 the mood of the fans will be will be better for the home game against Tennessee. That will not change the fact that this team is ready to compete at a high level, again.

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