Anyyone not wearing a Buffalo Bills uniform this weekend will be betting that the San Francisco 49’ers will easily defeat the boys from Buffalo. San Fran is resuming the form that propelled them to the NFC championship game last season and just demolished the Jets last Sunday, a team that humbled the Bills in week one. The smart money and not so smart money is all on the 49’ers Sunday and I’m not about to disagree, or am I?

The NFL has become so umpredictable that the dominant teams are no longer guaranteed victories every Sunday. Still, the 49’ers seem so much better than the 2-2 Bills how could they not come out victorious? The Bills now appear to be just cannon fodder for San Francisco, but if they had held form last week against New England and won the game they would have been given a decent shot at winning out west.

The Bills are missing two starting offensive lineman and have a defense that has crumbled in two key tests thus far. Yet, I feel we will see a better effort against the 49’ers than expected.

When teams face each other twice a season like Buffalo and New England they know almost every move the other will make. The Patriots are used to beating the Bills and seemed to just hit a switch when they needed to rally. The 49’ers however, have not seen Buffalo in years and only know them from a few days of tape study.

San Francisco will be expecting a very beatable opponent in Buffalo after the way they disposed of the Jets, a team that has already beaten the Bills and should be confident. Perhaps too confident.

I’ll pick San Francisco for all the obvious reasons and also because the Bills have been a deadful road team. I don’t expect it to be an easy victory however. I see Buffalo putting up a fight and dropping a 28-21 decison in the city by the bay.

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