The Buffalo Bills had the town getting excited, at least just a little bit, because even at 4-6 the playoffs were not an impossibility. That feeling is now gone after the Bills offesne slept walk it’s way through a 20-13 loss to the Colts.

Ryan Fitzpatrick is playing his final season as the Bills starting quarterback. That statement becomes more and more reality after every disappointing loss. Fitz is a great guy and would be a capable back-up as he was prior to coming to Buffalo, but his lack of consistency and strong arm is something the Bills cannot overcome.

Fitzpatrick looked good against New England two weeks ago, but even then threw the now much debated interception in the endzone that killed the Bills chances for a win. Against good defenses like Houston and Miami Fitz struggled, but Indy is not a good defense and Fitzpatrick could not take it to them.

The other question mark to me right now is the offensive scheme used by head coach Chan Gailey. Gailey has a game breaker in CJ Spiller on his roster, but he keeps him out of the game for long stretches of time. I love Fred Jackson and believe he should still play a significant part of the offense, but Spiller needs to be a part of the attack for four quarters.

The defense is improving, especially Mario Williams. The $100 million dollar man had three sacks against the Colts and played well against the Dolphins ten days ago. Perhaps the procedure done on his wrist indeed improved his ability to attack.

The secondary is young and thin in numbers. They played well to a point against Andrew Luck and more points by the Bills offense would prevent every mistake made on defense seem so big.

The Bills now have four of five at home, but they are not sellouts and will be blacked out locally which means interest will wane even more by fans not watching them on the tube. Sitting at 4 & 7 is bad, but it could get worse. Last season the injuries were the big reason for the decline of this team, but that’s not the case this season. If the team folds this year it will because they do not believe in themselves which would would put them on the same side as the fa

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